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relief space  (Berlin:Darmstadt 2003)
Installation - work in progress. Shortlisted for ISEA 2004
netzhaut [retina]  (Budapest:Berlin 1998:2003)
An online space for non-verbal communication. Concept for a multi user space in VRML
stick to [para]normality  (Sofia 1998)
About space and the unexpected which might occur. A parody on VRML
staging strategies  (Berlin 1996:97)
Concept and design of a sensually immersive virtual world. VRML research project
dots and slides (Rotterdam 1996)
Staging of references (Dots) and movements (Slides). Performance
interferenz (Leipzig 1996)
Former military area in Leipzig-Gohlem. Fields of Information induce a new suburb. Plans for nodes and network, model
catwalk (Berlin 1996)
Section (width 20 metres) cut through Berlin. A variety of events is staged here. Architectural script for scenery and cast defining levels: deformation, projection, information
loveparade (Berlin 1995)
The Loveparade is staged on the Moabiter Werder. Visual script and spatial choreographies


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